• Self-Care Corner


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    Stress Relievers that shut down down stress ASAP


    1. Check your thoughts: When your thoughts start to spin out of control during a stressful moment, stop and re-frame your thinking.


    2. Take a deep breath: Get more oxygen to your brain to lower levels of the stress hormone Cortisol.

    3. Say a mantra: Repeat a phrase from which you draw power, peace and /or strength.


    4.. Shake it off: Take a hint from Taylor Swift and literally shake your body to release tension.

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      How to express sadness

      Expressing your sadness in healthy ways can be a good way to deal with how you are feeling.. Here are a few ways to express your sadness:

      1. Let it out: vocalize your feelings (cry, yell, scream, etc.)
      2. Get creative: Go to Smash/rage room, get out in nature, garden, or crochet/knit.
      3. Let loose: listen to music that reflects your sadness and dance to it.
      4. Put it in writing: Write about your feelings in a journal or keep a sadness diary
      5. Share: Talk about your feelings with someone you trust.

      Normalizing Therapy

      Self Love O'Clock: The choice to accept, appreciate, protect

      and be gentle with yourself.

      • Be proud of your achievements
      • Think, Speak and talk to yourself with kindness
      • Forgive yourself
      • Say no to comparisons and
      • self judgement
      • Set healthy boundaries
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